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Warwickshire County Council back the Foundation in a bid to boost Youth Work across the county.

The Positive Impact Foundation is delighted to be amongst nine organisations in the county to receive funding to deliver a two-year youth work project from Warwickshire County Council (WCC).

WCC’s Youth Work Fund is aimed at community and voluntary groups that provide support services for 11-18-year-olds.

The Positive Impact Foundation will be delivering a youth work project in five areas across North Warwickshire including Atherstone, Mancetter, Coleshill, Kingsbury & Polesworth. 

The funding will be used in a variety of ways to support projects and initiatives which tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour, alcohol misuse, alcohol related hospital admissions, bladed weapon use, drug related offences and child exploitation.

The project will provide young people in North Warwickshire with opportunities to be successful and it will give them a platform to learn skills to become more employable, confident and socially included in their communities. 

Sessions will be delivered weekly in each area for 50 weeks of the year, providing the young people with a consistent and familiar environment to be a part of. The project will also offer young people a safe place to come and develop themselves socially, emotionally and personally which will help them become more employable and a positive member of the community. 

Leah Grant, Head of The Positive Impact Foundation said: “We are so excited for this project to get started in the summer – it’s an initiative we have been waiting to be a part of for a long time. We are incredibly proud of the team that planned, coordinated and committed to getting our bid for the funding accepted.

“We would like to thank Warwickshire County Council for the commitment they have given to youth work in Warwickshire, enabling us to deliver this project. Our project is putting young people at the centre, with all decisions and resources consulted by a Young Person Committee.

“We are honoured to also be working with some fantastic external professionals to help give the young people within our project the best opportunities.”

Cllr Jeff Morgan, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families added: “Warwickshire County Council is delighted to be supporting this youth work project run by The Positive Impact Foundation. It’s a fantastic initiative that is line with Warwickshire County Council’s aim of putting children and young people at the heart of everything we do.”

If you would like to hear more about our Youth Work Project please get in touch at

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