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Curriculum Catch Up through Physical Activity, and Practical Tasks.

The Target Programme is a bespoke initiative that supports children with catching up on their school curriculum work through use of games, physical activity or practical tasks such as crafts, art or IT. This gives children an opportunity to engage away from the classroom, whilst still having purposeful time to develop within core subjects. 

We can work with classes or small groups to engage the children with physical activity challenges and fun games that link to their classroom objectives.

We use your planning and objectives, formulated by your teachers which is delivered by our specialist coaches & learning mentors. This ensures that all of our games and activities include cross curricular outcomes, and that time spent with us mirrors what their classmates are doing.

We work with schools and their teachers to highlight the aims and outcomes for each group we work with to empower our tailored session plans. We provide the school with the plans so that teachers can use the resources in future and give updates throughout the programme whilst always working closely with teachers to monitor progress of pupils.

We can run this programme as a curriculum time programme, or we can provide support for this as an extra curricular club at lunch time or after school. 

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