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Providing an excellent approach to PE, ensuring PE is for EVERYONE.

The Positive Impact Foundation work in partnership with schools to provide engaging P.E lessons for their pupils.

We provide excellent sports coaching through our new Passport to PE approach - a rounded approach to PE to ensure that all children feel included, safe and engaged. PE is not one size fits all, and we give each child an opportunity to enjoy PE, no matter who they are.

We deliver PE in a Multi Skills approach, meaning that children get repeated learning opportunities all year round, and will develop physical competencies in a number of areas. 

As well as the physical and technical outcomes, we pride ourselves on developing pupils' confidence, resilience, decision making, ability to work with others, and knowledge of the rules and laws of various sports. 

Our approach means that PE can offer something for everyone to enjoy, whether that is running around for an hour, playing with a friend or learning a new sports skill.

Positive Impact Foundation staff all have a wealth of experience delivering P.E lessons across different sports.

We ensure that our lessons are challenging for all pupils regardless of ability, this is done through differentiation and varied delivery methods to allow everyone to get the best from their P.E lessons.

All coaches hold an enhanced DBS. 

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