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This programme is designed for children who have become disengaged in the school environment through lacking self esteem or confidence, challenging behaviour or additional needs (SEND). We work 1-2-1 or in extremely small groups with pupils, in order to help engage them with more positive behaviours in their school setting.

The Inspire programme covers the whole national curriculum in subjects such as, History, Geography, Languages, ICT, P.E,  Art, Science, Design & Technology, Music and is expertly designed to cover cross curricular references to English and Maths.

As well as academic support, we provide pastoral support to our pupils and help guide them to a happier, more resilient life in and out of school. We do this by learning to respect others, understanding consequences or rewards of our choices, and being able to overcome challenges and make good decisions. This increases the chances of school becoming a safe place for pupils.

Our team show extreme patience with the children in order to provide the best results for the children. We are able to dedicate more time with the child and listen to their issues that teachers simply do not have the time to do, through no fault of their own, when teaching a full class.

We tailor the programme to your schools needs. This can be from school time interventions where the pupils will work solely with our staff, lunch time provision or in class support where our staff will support the pupils within their own class.

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