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We offer a range of extra curricular clubs that we take full control of, so that your staff don't have to.

We can run clubs for a variety of different sports including football, hockey, archery, dodgeball and multisports.

Breakfast Clubs

We can provide supervision for children that need an early drop off at school. This can be an activity club or a club where children can prepare for the day ahead by completing homework, or getting a snack before the school day starts.

Lunchtime Clubs

We can provide a range of different sports for lunchtime clubs and these can be specific to age group too. As well as sports clubs, we can offer behavioural support for children than need additional supervision over the lunch break.

After School Clubs

We can provide a range of different sports clubs after school and can include a games programme too. We can deliver a number of different sports and activities.

We charge schools a flat rate for the club, no matter how many children attend. It is the schools responsibility to charge parents (if applicable) and organise registers for the club before the club starts so that the coach can run the club efficiently.

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